11 Best Super Bowl Party Decorations Every Host Should Have for a Touchdown-Worthy Celebration (2024)


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From serving tools to football-themed decor, consider this your shopping guide for gathering all the essentials.

11 Best Super Bowl Party Decorations Every Host Should Have for a Touchdown-Worthy Celebration (1)

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Super Bowl 2024 will be happening Sunday, Feb. 11, and unless you got tickets to the big game, you’re most likely planning on watching it from home. The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers have secured their spots in the 2024 Super Bowl, which means if you plan on hosting a party for the game, you’ll need to make sure your have decorations to go with your Super Bowl merch.


Usher Says His Super Bowl Halftime Show Will Honor Black Artists of the Past01/30/2024




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See latest videos, charts and news

No matter if you’re cheering on the Chiefs or 49ers, or are just tuning in to see Usher’s halftime show, add some unique and fun decor to add to the exciting ambiance that’s tied to watching the Super Bowl. Ditch the regular cookware for the evening and embrace football-shaped serving platters and plates if you plan on having guests cheering on both teams. Or, if your home is filled with supporters for just the Chiefs or 49ers, shower your house in their team colors, including plates, cups, streamers and balloons.

Swifties can even snag some “Go Taylor’s boyfriend” merch ahead of the game to show some love for Travis Kelce when he hits the field with the Chiefs.

Since there’s a lot that goes into party planning, Billboard Shopping is helping take some of the stress off your shoulders by rounding up the most essential Super Bowl party decorations below, so you can focus on stocking up on mouthwatering snacks and drinks.

Best Super Bowl Party Decorations 2024

Nostalgia Game Day Lazy Susan & Warming Pot


Buy Now On Amazon

Keep all your snacks within a convenient reach using this Lazy Susan that also acts as a warming pot. The center features a mini warming pot you can put everything from hot dips to meatballs in to help keep them fresh. Around the perimeter is six serving trays to fill with other snacks and treats for you and your guests to munch on.

Football Party Supplies Kit


Buy Now On Amazon

Get all your decor in one go with this party supplies kit. You’ll not only receive plates, napkins and cups, but also two tablecloths and a streamer to help tie your party together.

Football Stadium Chip and Dip Sports Serving Set


Buy Now On Amazon

We can’t get over how cute this serving tray is, which will act as a perfect holder for chips and salsa. The tray was designed to look like a football stadium including fans along the interior perimeter while the dip holder is shaped like a football and can fit right inside. A total party must-have!

Crafterlife Football Toothpicks (100-Pieces)


Buy Now On Amazon

Top off cocktails, cupcakes, cheese platters and more with these football toothpicks. Each box includes 100 toothpicks decorated with a bamboo mini football that’ll take your party decor from good to happy dance-worthy.

FRIDAY NIGHT Football Party Cardboard Cupcake Stands

$11.39$11.995% off

Buy Now On Amazon

Elevate your desserts on a Super Bowl-themed cupcake stand that’ll land you high-fives from guests. The cardboard material builds into a three-tier stand to decorate with cupcakes, cookies and more.

Gisgfim Football Party Snack Bowls


Buy Now On Amazon

From dips to chilis and ice cream, these football-themed bowls will hold it all, while decreasing the amount of dishes that need to be washed at the end of the night. You can expect to receive 50 deep bowls that can hold up to 9 ounces each of snackable foods.

Football Fan Grill Press


Buy Now on uncommon goods

Adding little touches to your party decor can leave your guests talking about the event for ages, which is why this grill press is almost a no-brainer. It’s less than $20 and can turn a simple burger bun and more into a sporty work of art.

In My Football Era – Red and Gold Sports Photo Props Kit


Buy Now on macy’s

If you’re just watching the game to see if you can spot the “August” singer in the crowd, then make sure you have these fun Swift-inspired photo props. The kit includes a variety of football-themed props featuring the Chief’s team colors mixed with some Swift callouts like a red lip and friendship bracelets.

Travis Kelce Big Head


Buy Now on fathead

Cheer on Kelce with a Big Head of his face that’s perfect for waving in the air when he scores a touchdown, or for posing with in all your Super Bowl party pictures. The design even comes in two sizes.

NFL San Francisco 49ers – Drip Helmet Wall Poster


Buy Now on walmart

Just in case your home did have enough 49ers decor, this poster will show your pride without breaking the bank. It comes with a mesmerizing drip design and is less than $20.

San Francisco 49ers Party Supplies Kit


Buy Now on walmart

Go beyond just repping 49ers apparel, make sure your serving supplies match the team you’re rooting to win. This party kit includes enough plates, napkins and cups to serve eight people. Plus, you won’t have to worry about a pile of dishes, as these can be thrown in the trash once used.

For more product recommendations, check out our roundups of the best music coolers, cocktail books and musician cookbooks.

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    Super Bowl 2024 Party Decorations

    The Super Bowl 2024 is set to take place on Sunday, February 11. The Kansas City Chiefs and San Francisco 49ers have secured their spots in the game, and many people are planning to host parties to watch the event. To create an exciting ambiance for the Super Bowl party, it's essential to have the right decorations and party supplies. Here are some essential Super Bowl party decorations for 2024:

    • Nostalgia Game Day Lazy Susan & Warming Pot: This convenient Lazy Susan acts as a warming pot and features six serving trays for snacks and treats.
    • Football Party Supplies Kit: A comprehensive party supplies kit that includes plates, napkins, cups, tablecloths, and streamers.
    • Football Stadium Chip and Dip Sports Serving Set: A cute serving tray designed to look like a football stadium, complete with a football-shaped dip holder.
    • Crafterlife Football Toothpicks (100-Pieces): Decorative football-themed toothpicks to enhance party decor.
    • FRIDAY NIGHT Football Party Cardboard Cupcake Stands: A three-tier cupcake stand for displaying desserts in a Super Bowl theme.
    • Gisgfim Football Party Snack Bowls: Football-themed snack bowls for serving dips, chilis, and other snacks.
    • Football Fan Grill Press: A grill press to add sporty touches to party decor.
    • In My Football Era – Red and Gold Sports Photo Props Kit: Fun Swift-inspired photo props with football-themed elements.
    • Travis Kelce Big Head: A big head of Travis Kelce's face for cheering on the player during the game.
    • NFL San Francisco 49ers – Drip Helmet Wall Poster: A poster featuring a mesmerizing drip design to show support for the San Francisco 49ers.
    • San Francisco 49ers Party Supplies Kit: A party kit with plates, napkins, and cups to serve eight people, all in support of the San Francisco 49ers.

    These decorations and party supplies will help create an engaging and festive atmosphere for the Super Bowl 2024 party, whether you're cheering for the Kansas City Chiefs, the San Francisco 49ers, or simply looking forward to Usher's halftime show.

    I hope this information helps you plan an exciting and enjoyable Super Bowl party!

    11 Best Super Bowl Party Decorations Every Host Should Have for a Touchdown-Worthy Celebration (2024)
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