50 Super Bowl Appetizers You Haven't Tried Yet (2024)

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50 Super Bowl Appetizers You Haven't Tried Yet (1)Lisa KaminskiUpdated: Feb. 01, 2024

    Get fired up for the big game with these new Super Bowl appetizers you probably haven't made before. We've got sliders, new takes on wings and so much more.


    Mediterranean Hummus Nachos

    My husband once piled all the Middle Eastern dishes I’d made on top of pita chips. It was delicious and fun, so we’ve kept doing it! I am half Lebanese, so we usually call these Lebanese nachos. Whatever you call them, you can’t help but like them! —Gina Fensler, Cincinnati, Ohio

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    Take a look at even more of our Super Bowl snacks.


    Buffalo Wing Poppers

    These buffalo chicken poppers combine the flavor of hot wings and jalapeño appetizers to make a snack greater than the sum of their parts. —Barbara Nowakowski, Mesa, Arizona

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    Dijon-Bacon Dip for Pretzels

    With just four ingredients that you probably already have in your pantry or fridge, this quick appetizer comes together in a snap. If you like the zip of horseradish, start with a teaspoon or two and add more to taste. —Isabelle Rooney, Summerville, South Carolina

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    Nacho Triangles with Salsa-Ranch Dipping Sauce

    These nacho bites are a fun fusion of Greek appetizers and flavors of the American Southwest. The simple dipping sauce is a perfect match—the ranch balances out the heat of the jalapeno and chipotle peppers—and takes the recipe to the next level. —Angela Spengler, Niceville, Florida

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    Antipasto Kabobs

    My husband and I met at a cooking class. We have loved creating menus and entertaining ever since. These make-ahead antipasto skewers are always a hit. —Denise Hazen, Cincinnati, Ohio

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    Air-Fryer Taquitos

    I love these any-occasion air-fryer taquitos. Spice them up by adding sliced jalapenos if desired. —Mark Webber, Valdez, Alaska

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    Taste of Home

    Slow-Cooker Cheeseburger Dip

    This fun dip recipe uses ingredients that I always have in the fridge, so it's easy to throw together on short notice. —Cindi DeClue, Anchorage, Alaska

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    Taste of Home

    Bourbon Meatballs

    Kick-start your meatballs with a splash of bourbon and vinegar for punchy sweet-and-sour flavor. These Kentucky Derby bourbon meatballs are perfect to snack on while you watch the race. —Kimla Carsten, Grand Junction, Colorado

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    Whenever I go to an event, I'm always asked to bring this hot dip. Five types of cheese make it a standout and oh-so delicious. I love its party-ready convenience—I serve it straight from the slow cooker, so set-up and cleanup are a breeze! —Noelle Myers, Grand Forks, North Dakota

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    Sticky Maple Pepper Glazed Chicken Wings

    This is one of my favorite appetizers to make over the holidays! The coarse ground pepper cuts the sweetness of the maple syrup by adding just the right amount of heat. These chicken wings are best fresh out of the oven (they are nice and crispy), but they are also delicious if made ahead and kept warm in a slow cooker. —Shannon Dobos, Calgary, Alberta

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    Taste of Home

    Mini Cheese Balls

    These mini cheese balls are the perfect quick appetizer for any party. Roll them in toasted sesame seeds, fresh rosemary and/or paprika to add even more flavor. —J. Spivey, Ennice, North Carolina

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    Texas Taco Dip Platter

    When I'm entertaining, this colorful dish is my top menu choice. My friends can't resist the hearty appetizer topped with cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and olives. —Kathy Young, Weatherford, Texas

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    Taste of Home

    Air-Fryer Egg Rolls

    My mom taught me how to make egg rolls, and since she passed away I think of her every time I make them. These air-fryer egg rolls taste so good, you'll never want a fast-food egg roll again. —Jenniffer Love, South Waltham, Massachusetts

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    Taste of Home

    Barbecue and Beer Meatballs

    This simple meatball recipe relies on timesaving ingredients like frozen meatballs and barbecue sauce. It's the perfect last-minute appetizer! —Taste of Home Test Kitchen

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    Taste of Home

    Pizza Puffs

    What’s more fun than a pizza puff? Skip the kind sold in the frozen-foods aisle and try this homemade version. You can substitute any meat or vegetable for the pepperoni and any cheese for the mozzarella. —Vivi Taylor, Middleburg, Florida

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    Taste of Home

    Sweet Onion Pimiento Cheese Deviled Eggs

    For my mother's 92nd birthday, we had pimiento cheese deviled eggs as part of the spread. They’re timeless and always in good taste. —Linda Foreman, Locust Grove, Oklahoma

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    Taste of Home

    Cold Chicken-Cheese Kabobs

    These appealing kabobs will add pizazz to any party—and you don't even have to get out the grill! —Sherine Gilmour, Brooklyn, New York

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    Taste of Home

    There's plenty of both crunch and cream in these party appetizers. Fresh chives help them really stand out. —Jean McKenzie, Vancouver, Washington

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    Bacon Cheeseburger Slider Bake

    I created this dish to fill two pans because these sliders disappear fast. Cut the recipe in half if you want one batch. —Nick Iverson, Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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    Taste of Home

    Slow-Cooker Reuben Spread

    My daughter shared this recipe with me for a hearty spread that tastes just like a Reuben sandwich. Serve it from a slow cooker set to warm so the dip stays at its most tasty temperature. —Rosalie Fuchs, Paynesville, Minnesota

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    TMB Studio

    Air-Fryer Pickles

    Enjoy deep-fried pickles? You’ll love this version even more. Dill pickle slices are coated with panko bread crumbs and spices, then air-fried until crispy. Dip them in ranch dressing for an appetizer you won’t soon forget. —Nick Iverson, Denver, Colorado

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    TMB studio

    Ginger-Orange Wings

    The sweet-and-sour sauce in this recipe was originally for pork spareribs, but my family has always enjoyed it this way. The longer the wings sit in the ketchup, ginger and orange marmalade sauce, the better they taste. They can be served warm or cold.-Lora Fletcher, Lyons, Oregon

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    Touchdown Brat Sliders

    It's game time when these mini sausage sliders make an appearance. Two things my husband loves—beer and brats—get stepped up a notch with crunchy flavored chips. —Kirsten Shabaz, Lakeville, Minnesota

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    Taste of Home

    Banh Mi Skewers

    I love banh mi sandwiches but wanted to make them a little easier to serve for a party. These skewers are a really fun twist! For easier prep on the day of the party, make the meatballs in advance and freeze them. —Elisabeth Larsen, Pleasant Grove, Utah

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    I came up with this recipe when I was preparing for a large party and wanted a healthy Tex-Mex chicken to serve in tortilla chip cups. You can make this party dish ahead of time to free yourself for time-sensitive dishes. Serve it in tortilla cups or any other savory, crispy cup you like. Enjoy the leftovers over salad greens or wrapped up in tender tortillas for burritos. —Lori Terry, Chicago, Illinois

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    Game-Day Thai Chicken Meatballs

    These Thai chicken meatballs make a great game-day snack. We also like to serve them as a main dish over stir-fried veggies. —Merry Graham, Newhall, California

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    Taste of Home

    Hot Spinach Spread with Pita Chips

    Warm and cheesy, this spread is absolutely scrumptious served on toasted pita wedges. Its colorful appearance makes a stunning addition to any buffet. —Teresa Emanuel, Smithville, Missouri

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    Taco Meatball Ring

    While it looks complicated, this attractive meatball-filled ring is really very easy to assemble. My family loves tacos, and we find that the crescent roll dough is a nice change from the usual tortilla shells or chips. There are never any leftovers when I serve this at a meal or as a party appetizer!—Brenda Johnson, Davison, Michigan

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    Herbed Party Potato Wedges

    I used to make these potatoes as a side dish and one day tried them out as an appetizer for a party. What a hit! They are great finger food and taste good at room temperature, and the herbs can be varied however you like. The convenience of these easy, inexpensive appetizers is awesome. —Amy Eyler, Ellisville, Missouri

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    Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Jalapenos

    Sunday is grill-out day for my husband, Cliff, and these bacon-wrapped jalapeno poppers are one of his specialties. We usually feature them at our annual Daytona 500 party. They disappear from the appetizer tray in no time.—Therese Pollard, Hurst, Texas

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    Taste of Home

    Nacho Cheese Dip

    With jobs, school and sport activities, evening is our time for family fun. We munch on this zippy dip while visiting or watching a movie. —Dawn Taylor, Milton, Kentucky

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    Air-Fryer Fiesta Chicken Fingers

    Chicken fingers have long been a favorite of mine. Actually, almost any finger-shaped deep-fried goodie seldom escapes my reach. These air-fryer chicken fingers have taken a lot of the guilt out of my guilty pleasure. —Dianne DeGarmo-Carr, Alexander, Arkansas

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    Taste of Home

    Sausage French Bread Pizza

    I never seem to have pizza dough on hand, but that doesn't ever stop our family from enjoying pizza. We top crusty French bread with creamy Alfredo sauce, sausage and veggies. It's great to serve at a party for children or teens. —Cherie Sweet, Evansville, Indiana

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    Party Cheese Balls

    These tangy cheese balls are guaranteed to spread cheer at your next gathering. The ingredients create a colorful presentation and a savory combination of flavors. —Shirley Hoerman, Nekoosa, Wisconsin

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    Marmalade Meatballs

    We had a potluck at work, so I started cooking these meatballs in the morning. By lunchtime they were ready. They were a big hit! —Jeanne Kiss, Greensburg, Pennsylvania

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    Queso Fundido

    Dig in to this one-skillet dip and enjoy the gooey cheese and the spicy kicks from chorizo and pepper jack. —Julie Merriman, Seattle, Washington

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    The meat literally falls off the bones of these wings! Spice lovers will get a kick out of the big sprinkling of red pepper flakes. —Sue Bayless, Prior Lake, Minnesota

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    Taste of Home

    Savory Party Bread

    It's impossible to stop nibbling on warm pieces of this cheesy, oniony bread. The sliced loaf fans out for a fun presentation. It's one of the best savory appetizers I've found. —Kay Daly, Raleigh, North Carolina

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    Taste of Home

    Bacon Cheeseburger Balls

    The first time I served these, my husband and kids thought we were having plain meatballs. Then they cut into the flavorful filling inside! —Cathy Lendvoy, Boharm, Saskatchewan

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    Taste of Home

    Hot Bacon Cheese Dip

    I've tried assorted appetizers before, but this one is a surefire people-pleaser. The thick bacon cheese dip has lots of flavor and keeps my guests happily munching as long as it lasts. I serve it with tortilla chips or sliced French bread. —Suzanne Whitaker, Knoxville, Tennessee

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    TMB studio

    Sticky Chicken Wings

    You'll want to keep an extra stack of napkins nearby once people start reaching for these sweet and sticky wings. The brown sugar marinade makes every bite finger-lickin' good! —Laura Mahaffey, Annapolis, Maryland

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    Layered Mediterranean Dip with Pita Chips

    Not your ordinary layer dip, the bold combination of hummus and Greek yogurt will be a new most-requested recipe at your next baby shower or gathering. —Elizabeth Dumont, Boulder, Colorado

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    Beer Dip

    Ranch dressing mix flavors this easy dip packed with shredded cheese. It's perfect paired with pretzels. Be forewarned, though—it's hard to stop eating once you've started! The beer cheese dip can be made with any type of beer, including nonalcoholic. I've taken it to many parties and I am always asked for the recipe. —Michelle Long, New Castle, Colorado

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    Cowboy Beef Dip

    In a foods class, a group of us developed this recipe for the North Dakota's annual Beef Bash. We won the contest!—Jessica Klym, Killdeer, North Dakota

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    Baked Asparagus Dip

    Since I'm from Wisconsin, I thought it was only logical to put together a vegetable and a cheese—two of the foods my state produces in abundance. This cheesy asparagus dip fits the bill. —Sandra Baratka, Phillips, Wisconsin

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    Bacon-Wrapped Sweet Potato Bites

    After making little bacon-wrapped sausages for years, I needed a change! I had an extra sweet potato and half a package of bacon on hand, so I put on my thinking cap and came up with this treat. —Kelly Williams, Forked River, New Jersey

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    Taste of Home

    Barbecued Party Starters

    These sweet and tangy bites will tide over everyone until dinner. At the buffet, set out some fun toothpicks to make for easy nibbling. —Anastasia Weiss, Punxsutawney, Pennsylvania

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    Slow-Cooker Cheese Dip

    I brought this slightly spicy cheese dip to a gathering with friends and it was a huge hit. The spicy pork sausage gives the dip plenty of zip! —Marion Bartone, Conneaut, Ohio

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    Ham and Swiss Sliders

    My next-door neighbor shared this ham and Swiss sliders recipe with me, and I simply cannot improve it! You can make it ahead and cook it quickly when company arrives. The combo of poppy seeds, ham and cheese, horseradish and brown sugar makes it so delicious. —Iris Weihemuller, Baxter, Minnesota

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    Taste of Home

    Sweet and Spicy Air-Fryer Meatballs

    I am always on a quest for meatballs that pack a sweet and savory punch. These air-fryer meatballs are a snap to pull together and can be served over rice or buttered noodles.—Tami Kuehl, Loup City, Nebraska

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    Originally Published: December 10, 2019

    50 Super Bowl Appetizers You Haven't Tried Yet (51)

    Lisa Kaminski

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    Appetizers, also known as hors d'oeuvres, are small dishes or snacks served before a meal or at parties and gatherings. They are usually savory and are meant to stimulate the appetite. Appetizers can be served hot or cold and can include a variety of ingredients and flavors.


    Nachos are a popular Mexican-inspired dish that typically consists of tortilla chips topped with melted cheese and various toppings such as salsa, guacamole, sour cream, jalapenos, and more. In the article, there is a recipe for Mediterranean Hummus Nachos, which is a variation of traditional nachos with a Middle Eastern twist.


    Wings, often referred to as chicken wings, are a popular appetizer or snack. They are typically deep-fried or baked and can be served plain or coated in various sauces, such as buffalo sauce, barbecue sauce, or teriyaki sauce. In the article, there is a recipe for Buffalo Wing Poppers, which combines the flavors of buffalo wings and jalapeno poppers.


    Dips are creamy or saucy mixtures that are used for dipping other foods, such as chips, vegetables, or bread. They can be savory or sweet and come in a variety of flavors. In the article, there are several dip recipes, including Dijon-Bacon Dip for Pretzels, Slow-Cooker Cheeseburger Dip, and Hot Spinach Spread with Pita Chips.


    Skewers are long, thin sticks used to hold pieces of food together for grilling, baking, or serving. They are commonly used for making kebabs or kabobs, where meat, vegetables, or fruits are threaded onto the skewers and cooked. In the article, there are recipes for Antipasto Kabobs and Cold Chicken-Cheese Kabobs.


    Sliders are small sandwiches typically made with mini burger patties or other fillings, served on small buns. They are often served as appetizers or at parties. In the article, there are recipes for Bacon Cheeseburger Slider Bake and Ham and Swiss Sliders.


    An air fryer is a kitchen appliance that uses hot air circulation to cook food, providing a similar crispy texture to deep-frying but with less oil. It is often used to make healthier versions of fried foods. In the article, there are recipes for Air-Fryer Taquitos, Air-Fryer Egg Rolls, and Sweet and Spicy Air-Fryer Meatballs.

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    50 Super Bowl Appetizers You Haven't Tried Yet (2024)
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